Creating an Ubuntu image for the Beagleboard

Posted on 2011-03-18 03:35:24

A wise man told me to install Ubuntu on the beagleboard, so I’m giving that a shot to see if I can fix the problems with jack that I’m experiencing in Angstrom. Follow the manual instructions using RootStock. I used the following command-line to create the image; if you’re on a fast ethernet connection, this should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to download and build:

sudo rootstock --fqdn omap --login ubuntu --password temppwd --imagesize 2G --seed build-essential,curl,wget,nano,linux-firmware,wireless-tools,usbutils --dist maverick --serial ttyO2 --components "main universe multiverse" --kernel-image

Change the “seed” line to include other packages as desired; I just installed them once the image was created. Follow the instructions on the wiki page to format your microsd card and make your images. Copy them as instructed to the card, unpack the image, and boot the beagleboard. You should be in. Notes on building supercollider shortly, if necessary.

Update: Unlike in Angstrom, in Ubuntu the built-in ethernet on the xM is available on interface usb1 and not usb0. This took longer than necessary to figure out. (See this thread )


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